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Most people think that bullying happens very rare, but what they don’t know is that someone can be bullied almost every day, any minute, or at any second. This doesn’t just happen at one place, it can be online, through texting, or it can even happen right in front of you. Being bullied isn’t just something you see on television. It is a real life thing, that has happened to almost everybody in the world. Bullying is when another person or group of people randomly choose someone and start rumors, harass them, or even start physical abuse or assault.

When I am at school, I am constantly worried about what can happen to me or my friends. I worry because when I was younger I has always been picked on, harassed, people would start rumors about me, and one time I was even hurt physically. Even though, that hasn’t happened to me for a few years, I am still worried. Every time I used to be bullied, I would come home, take a shower, and cry myself out while taking the shower. I did that because I didn’t want my family to see that I was hurt. Everyday, I would keep all of that sadness and pain trapped inside of me. One day when I was at school, I realized that I wasn’t the only who was bullied. I saw this one kid that I kind of knew being bullied by this other kid. So, I went over there and helped him defend himself from the other guy. After I realized that, if I can help one kid with a bully then I should be able to help myself. That is when I got stronger.

From my point of view, bullies are people who have nothing better to do. The reason people bully is because they are jealous of other people, or they were bullied before and wanted to show people that they know how to hurt someone like they way they were hurt. Another reason people become bullies is because they probably have problems with their family, so they use bullying to have other people suffer like them. Most of the time people see bullying as amusing, when actually they are killing someone from the inside. So, people need to finally wake up and realize what bullying can do to a person.

Farewell <3 Bloggers

After experiencing my first year of blogging, I have to say that I really enjoyed it.  I say that because I was able to make a lot of great friends around the world, and I even got to make better friends within my classmates. Also, I was able to just write as much as I want because I really enjoy writing, and I was able to realize how amazing technology is when you use it the correct way. For me, the best part was being able to express myself with writing, making videos, and doing different things to the world. Also, being able to see my writing to rise above the rest than it has ever been before. I think that blogging has really made me a better writer, and made me get more attach to it because now, once I start writing I can’t stop.

For me, the one positive experience from blogging that really stands out was on how many visitors I had got in just one year. I say that because when we first started blogging I was the only one out of all of my friends to have very little visitors. So, I tried to think of many different ways to try to get more visitors. So, once I started putting blog post that weren’t required, I realized that I was starting to get a lot more visitors. That was when I decided to stick with that. Today, I have the highest number of visitors out of all of the other students in my class.

Thank you Edublogs, for letting me to have a really awesome blogging experience.

Also, thank you bloggers, friends, and teachers because you are the ones that even made it better. 

The images that I have here, were taken by me.  


The Mockingjay Book Trailer

Hey Bloggers!!! For the past few weeks, my class & I have been working on our book reports. Instead, of doing an original handwritten book report. We have decided to do our own original book trailer of what we chose. So, I have chosen the MockingJay. I have to say it was one of the best books I have ever read. So, here is my book trailer. Hope you enjoy it.


150 Word Short Story

“I can’t believe the day is finally here. It’s the day I start college,” Jessica/Jamie said.

Both were friends since they were little, but not anymore.

They each arrived at different lots. They said “Bye.” Jessica first to reach her dorm, she places luggage on the bed, and leaves.

Jamie came to her dorm, and saw luggage on the bed.

“They look exactly like Jessica’s.”

She stomps out of her room, straight to the advisor.

When she reached her she yells, “Why did you pair me up with Jessica!”

“Well, I didn’t know,” said the advisor.

“We don’t share,” said Jessica.

She then left.

One day, Jessica/Jamie were studying.

“I didn’t think you still had that,” said Jamie.

“That’s it, I still kept it because I forgive you for stealing my locket.”

“That’s how I felt, I still want to be friends.”

They were hugging each other.

My Facebook Page

One assignment I had this week was to make a fake Facebook page about myself, ten years from now. We had to make a Facebook template. It will be an example on what it might look like in ten years from now. This post will include who my friends are, wear I work, my status, where I am living, my hobbies/interests, and a sample exchange between me and my “friends” in the future. Above this paragraph, you might be wondering what this is. This is actually a template that I made as an example on how my Facebook page might look. It will include all the things I say in the second paragraph. I hope you will enjoy it. :) 

In my Facebook page I have four friends that are always visiting my page, and I always visit theirs. There names are Paloma, Lupita, Natalie, and Gisela. What I do for my career is, I am a therapist for children who have Autism. I really enjoy because I get to help kids with their problems. Also, I love to work with different kids because you will never know what their personality is like. To get my education in this study, I went to UCSB. My status is single because I don’t want to be in a relationship right now with a guy. Also, because having a boyfriend will interfere with my job and family. I am living in Los Angeles because I have always wanted to live there. It is also near where my family lives. I have five different hobbies, but my most favorite hobbies are helping others and spending time with my family and friends. That is everything you read, and will see on the Facebook page I created above. I hope you enjoyed this post.

My 65 Years Of Life

In this post, I’m pretending that I am 65 years old and giving advice to my middle school self.

So far, I have found my 65 years of life truly exciting. Most of my life has been great, but I did face some problems. In middle school I had always wanted to be a therapist for children that have disabilities. After I had graduated from high school, I went to college at UCSB for three years. I became a therapist for children that have disabilities. I had gotten married at age 27, and started to have kids at age 31. I have one girl, and two boys. We all live near family in California in my hometown that I was raised in. For a while we were doing great, but then that was when the problems started. After 6 years since we had kids, someone stole my husband’s identity, we had to qualify for identity theft. Then after we had went through that my husband had gotten laid off. We had to wait five months until he had finally gotten a job, and that was when we had gotten back on track. That is how my 65 years of life had turned out.

Here is some advice that I would like to give to Letty who is in middle school. First, go after that dream of becoming a therapist for children. Second, don’t get a boyfriend until you are 21, or mom and dad will get really mad in you get one in high school. Third, make sure you help mom a lot with your brothers. Fourth, study hard for every state test you have to take. Fifth, try to meet new people at school. Sixth, try to participate more in PE, and also in every other class. Seventh, try to keep up with the class as much as you can when you are absent for a while. Eighth, don’t let your friends be mean to you, and call you names. Even though you might loose the friends that you like to hang with, but they are mean to you if you tell them to back off. You will make better friends that will respect you, and treat you right. Finally, just be yourself, and follow your dreams.


Letty’s Poem

Hey hey hey hey bloggers. Here is the very first  poem I wrote in sixth grade. Hope you enjoy it because I worked really hard on it!!!!!! :)




The Fate of the Mary Celeste

For my class this week in ELA we we are learnin about figurative language, and poetry. First, we started with a group poem, and that is when you are in a group and you create a poem together. Second, we had to do our own poem based on a certain picture, and I did really good on that activity. Finally, we had to write a poem about the famous Mary Celeste. So here is my poem and I hope you enjoy it. The color text represents figurative language. :)

Mary Celeste
Benjamin Briggs managing his ship,
Sailing through the Atlantic Ocean.
A storm was heading.
The water was a beast,
who have just woken.
“Swoosh Whoosh”
A lifeboat went missing.
The ship had a mind,
of its own.
The ship was  perfectly fine.
Moon shimmering in the water.
Ocean mist mumbled and moaned,
They fled the ship,
crew no longer seen.
The storm froze.
The boat is rocking like,
a rocking chair.
The Mary Celeste abandoned while,
it slowly sailed away.
For more information click Mary Celeste.



Symbolism Summary

Doll FaceThe funniest home videos are here


In the video Doll Face this video is full with symbolism, and that means almost everything in the video represents something. This video is about a doll who is in a box, and as she is out of the box she discovers what is really out there. In the video, the doll is trapped inside a metal and black box. The box represents that this in the thing that is holding her life back, and it’s keeping her from what she wants to be. As she came out of that box she had noticed something.A TV that showed a face with make up witch made the doll want to imitate that face. As she viewed the TV their was a face on it that had makeup, so she would copy the face on the TV by putting makeup on herself. To her the TV represents a world that she does not know about and she can’t live because she’s a doll, not a human. To her this TV is like her life.

As she was still trying to put on her makeup, the TV had started moving farther away from her. The doll had gotten emotionally attached to the television, so she goes after it. The doll also thinks that the TV is kind of her life or her mirror. The doll can’t reach the TV because the wire is the obstacle or thing that is holding her back from the life she wants to live. The wire symbolizes the cold and sadness in her heart that she has once she is locked up in that box. At the end the doll is broken because she is trying so hard to be something, and her cord breaks and she falls to the ground. She is on the ground because once you fall to the ground there is nowhere else to go, and she is heartbroken and feels defeated by herself. With all of this video put together, to me it symbolizes the passion that the doll had towards the TV. It could also represent the hope she put towards trying to become what she wants to be. That is my summary of the video Doll Face.

Splashy The Sea Monster

Once upon a time there was a very sad sea monster named Splashy, and a sea monster hunter named Jim. Splashy lives in the deep of the Red Sea. Around the time of July 21, 1970. This sea monster is a very special type of sea monster because Splashy is the only purple sea monster who still exist, and is worth a lot of money. He is now fifteen years old.  He is also a very sad sea monster because hunters from all over the world try to get their hands on him to get money. Since all kinds of hunters cross The Red Sea he does not get to stick his head out of the water so he can splash. All he wanted was just one friend. Jim is a very wicked person because he hunted every other normal sea monster, but not for money just to kill. He did this because he hated sea monsters. Jim was also selfish because he would kill any animal he saw. He thought it was funny.  That is when the issue started.

The reason they were at each others throat is because Jim was the man who killed Splashy’s parents when he was only one year old. On that day Splashy and his parents were going to eat at his most favorite under the sea resturant to celebrate his first birthday. As they were walking his dad saw a shadow, and told his wife to take Splashy and hide. Once they left before they could even take one look at his dad, Jim came behind him and stabbed him with a knife. Then Jim disappeared. Splashy’s mother told him to stay there, so she can check on his dad. Before she could even go one foot away, Jim came up behind of a rock and stabbed her to. Then that was when Jim told Splashy, ” I will be back for you.” Ever since that day Splashy decided that once he turned fifteen he will put revenge on the man who killed his parents, and make sure he would never hurt any other animal.

Then one day Jim decided to go out hunting for Splashy. In the morning before he left he was watching the wheather report when an emergency wheather report came up, and said that a terrible storm was going to hit. But, Jim said, ” A little storm won’t hurt me!” As he set up in the middle in of The Red Sea, a gigantic wave appeared. When that wave hit it had knocked Jim off the boat, and into the sea. Before he could notice, a lot of sharks had surrounded him, and were ready to attack. As one of the sharks were getting closer to him, Splashy showed up. That was when Splashy came and beat up all of the Sharks, so they wouldn’t eat Jim. Splashy decided to help Jim because he learned that know one should loose their life, even when they deserve it. After Splashy saved Jim they became really good friends. Jim would always come see Splashy, and play with him all day. Together they learned the great meaning of friendship.