What Website Do I Recommend?

For Edublog challenge number seven we had to choose a website that we enjoyed and write a blog post about it. Usually, when I am on my computer I do not know which website to go on. 🙁 Now I know which website to go on that is really fun. This website is called This Is Sand. This website will let you make as many sand pictures you want, and when you are done with your picture you can post it in their image gallery. When you get on the website and all you see is a gray blank page and a little black square, then all you have to do is click the screen. The way you use it is by pressing or doubleclicking the left mouse button to drop sand. When you press the letter “C” on the keyboard it will show you the color picker. The color picker lets you choose the color you want the sand to be. When you press the letter ” E ” it will erase your sand image. Also, when you click the little square it will show you where you need to go to submit your picture for the gallery. That is all of the imformation you need to know about this website.

Even though, this is my most favorite site ever, there is one thing I think needs to be improved. The thing that needs to be improved is the color picker. The way they could make the colorpicker better is by setting it up like the color picker for text while you type because all of the colors on the regalur color picker are all smashed together, and that makes it harder to choose the color you want. The picture that I made is of colorful pyramids on top of each other. My sand picture is called “Letty’s Colorful Pyramids.” My favorite thing about this website is that you get to make as many sand pictures as you want. Also, you can show your creative side, and show off your best work. I would totally recommend this site to everyone because this website lets you show off your creative side, and you can have fun with it. That is all I have to say about this website, and I hope you love it to. 🙂

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