What Is Going On?

I believe our town has just gotten a call for adventure.

I was just walking through my boring, practically dead town, as usual. Nothing ever happens here, I spend my days thinking and imagining the crazy and impossible that should be going on in this town. As I was walking, I noticed that everyone in town was staring in the direction I have just came from. I give them a confused, questioning look. I hear the sound of footsteps backing away slowly from the area I am standing in.

“WHAT???”, I yelled to them.

Then I hear the sound of footsteps from behind me. My eyes turn to the corners to try to get any glimpse of what that sound may be coming from, and what it may be. I see a shadow emerge from behind, every step taken makes the shadow appear ten times bigger. I hear the faint sound of a low, deep, slow breath taken in. A hand rises from the shadow, and is placed right on my shoulder. The hand on my shoulder grapes painfully and turns me around to face it.

I stand there in shock.

Right in front of me is an astronaut. At least if that is whatever or whoever is really inside wants me to think. The astronaut grabs me by the hand and guides to bench at the bus stop. As were walking, I look back and realize that everyone is gone and nowhere in sight. It sits at the bench and has me standing right in front of him or her. It slowly moves it hands towards its helmet, and removes it from its head. I then find myself staring into the eyes of human. I can’t believe a human has discovered this planet and my kind.

“Where am I,” asked the man.

“How did you find our planet,” I asked. “How did you get here?” “Why are you here?” “Are there more of you coming?”

“Hold on whatever you are? I am the one that needs the questions answer? So, what are you?”

“First, I don’t like your attitude. Second you don’t need to know anything about me and my kind, but I will tell you that I am a girl.”

I grab the man by his hand, and start dragging him in any direction.

“Where did you leave your spaceship,” I ask.

“Up that hill.”

“Okay, make sure you have a great grip on my hand.”

“Why,” he asked.

before he knows it, I am running faster than the speed of light. Next thing I know, I reach his space craft. We are standing right in front of each other. Staring into each eyes.

“Can you keep a promise,” I ask.

To be continued…

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