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Hi there bloggers! Since this is our first week of freedom, I will take this opportunity to my advantage. It’s hard for me to choose what to write about. There are so many options such as: opinions on subjects, favorites, or anything else. I think I have finally decided what I will write about.


Boxing had its very first appearance around the time of 668 BC. The time of an Olympic game for the ancient Greeks. Boxing could be described as martial arts or a combat sport. Boxing is a sport in which two people are in a match and basically throw punches at each other. It may seem like a violent sport, but it really isn’t. It depends on how the participants of the sports see it.

Ever since I was a little girl, boxing has always been a tremendous interest. When ever my dad hears me talking about boxing, he starts talking to me more about his side of the family. That is the side of my family that I hardly even hear about. He tells me that the reason I have such a great attraction to boxing is because it is in my blood. He tells me stories of my great grandfather and his days as a boxer. He told me he was one of the best boxers ever in my family. He was even working on his way to becoming a professional, but it all changed in one match. That match was known as his last. After that match, he had decided to give up his passion for boxing and start helping and raising our family instead. I really wish I could have met him, but he had died before I was born. Well, at least I have my great grandmother and father to tell me about him because he still lives on. No matter what he will still be alive to me.

Boxing is a giant part of my life. It is the only way I feel that I can connect to my great grandfather. I know when I talk about boxing with my friends they usually don’t care. They either think I am crazy or too much of a wimp to join boxing. That is right, I am not in boxing. I have had so many opportunities to join, but I never do because I am afraid. Especially of what my friends or family may think. When I usually start talking about boxing with my friends, they usually start making jokes. The thing none of them understand how much boxing means to me.

I don’t see boxing as a sport. I see it as the only way I can feel connected to my great grandfather.

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12 thoughts on “Blogging Challenge #2

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  2. Hey Letty, I like your post. Once I started reading a few sentences, I couldn’t stop reading ’til the end. I’m so sorry your great grandfather died 🙁 Also, it doesn’t matter what everyone thinks, you have a heart to right which means you can decide which path you want to take. Anyways love the post it really has changed my perspective of boxing.

    Your real friend,

    • Dear Breeyana,

      Thank you for enjoying my post. Yes, I do miss my great grandfather. I still wish I could have met him. Again, thank you for reading, enjoying, and commenting on my post.

      – Letty

  3. Dear Letty,
    Well I really enjoyed your comment.It really has vivid detail.It’s so cool that your dad talks to you about boxing and your other side of the family.I hardly ever see them to or simply never talk about them.I kind of have a connection with your blog post my great grandfather was a musician he was in a band but he died 10 years ago.My mom talks about how he used to go to places from Mexico to like Florida and stuff. I didn’t get to meet him but he seemed like a cool guy.Well I really enjoyed your post I think you shouldn’t be afraid to join boxing.Its really fun Iv’e tried.And who cares what people say if you enjoy and love it all that matters is your opinion.Not theirs.

    Sincerely Yami

  4. Hi Letty,

    Wow, you certainly have a plethora of comments to read! Your writing is amazing! Although I did find a few mistakes. I won’t go into those, but I will tell you that I think you should not use the word boxing quite as much as you did. You could have replaced this with it or this sport more than you did. By the way what is your grandfather’s name?

  5. Hi Letty it’s me Jonathan.I like your blog post about boxing.Your grandfather sounded like he was cool.Boxing is really hard to train for.Gilbert is in boxing.He doesn’t even train because he’s lazy,but I can only last one of his punches.Anyway,I wouldn’t join either because I don’t want to get beat up.See you later.

    P.S what is your grandfather’s name?I want to search him.


  6. Dear Letty,

    I found your blog post very, VERY touching. Its actually cool that you had a relative that did boxing. Its funny how your dad describes that you like boxing because its in your blood. I don’t think that its right for your friends to make jokes and not care about you liking boxing. They should just accept the fact that boxing is VERY personal to you. Just know that no matter what they tell you, it’ll always be your opinion and that’s what matters most to you.
    You know Who…

  7. Hey Letty It’s Uriel and I enjoyed reading your story. Your great grandfather was into boxing but then not anymore right? I heard when boxing you have to be fast and you have to throw punches really fast in order to try to win. Well nice boxing story and goodbye . 🙂 -Uriel

  8. Hey Letty!

    It’s Areli! Wow, it’s really cool that boxing is in your blood. I was never fond about it, but after reading your tale about your grandpa, it made me see it in a whole new perspective! 🙂 Do you want to become a professional boxer yourself?


  9. Hey letty It’s me Dany. Umm i really like your story and sorry you didn’t get to meet and I think boxing is really cool.I also would like to join because my cousins are also in bixing.well nice story see ya later 🙂

  10. I never knew you liked boxing! I like your post because I also like boxing. I’ve never tried it but I watch it with my family. Who’s your favorite boxer? And how would you think your life would’ve changed if your great-grandfather became a pro boxer and earned thousands (or maybe even millions) of dollars?

    – Euriel

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