Dear Ruben and Andrew…

Dear Ruben and Andrew,

Its your big sister Letty, just saying hi to the both of you. I bet you two are wondering why your older sister would be writing to you, and are just anxious for me to get to the point already. So here it goes. You may not know or even think this, but you two have caused a really magnificent effect on my life. You both always think you are capable of having this much of an affect on someone, but you have no idea on how amazingly capable you two are considering your ages. I really need to thank you for this because now. I am no longer: shy, scared, or embarrassed. I am confident, enthusiastic, willing to make a differences, and share all my ideas and opinions. So, you two are basically both my really young teachers.

They way you effected my life was just by being yourselves. Everyday I would notice everything you two do or say. They way you both: say whatever is on your minds, express your opinions, make differences and changes to anyone or anything, let your voices be heard, and most importantly; the happiness that spread and share with everyone you encounter. All of that made me the person (well actually teen but still little kid at heart) that I am now. I am not afraid to express any opinion or statement I have on a certain subject, and I don’t even care how anyone would react to or judge me on it. I feel confident with myself even though I am not a person you would typically meet everyday or would want to meet. Finally, my can’t stop thinking of many different ways we can use to fix the way our world is. From schools, to businesses,  to anything, and especially to anyone. That explains to you two why I always looked or seemed zoned out. In summary, I feel that the both of you deserve my appreciation as being my teachers, because you two not only taught me but made me realize what I am capable of learning and doing.. By the way, you are really having me realize on how much patience I actually have. Soon I will be a professional when it comes to patience. Thank you.



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